The Future is Now Virtual Field Trip

take your class inside the neighborhood of the future

Discovery Education is partnering with Edge at Hudson Yards to take classrooms on a virtual adventure into NYC’s newest and most forward-thinking neighborhood. Welcome to Edge, where marvels of modern engineering elevate the possibilities of everyday life to extraordinary heights. Students will explore new horizons in living and community building as they journey 1131 ft into the air to Edge, the highest outdoor skydeck in the Western hemisphere, for an unparalleled 360° view of the city and a behind-the-scenes look at amazing innovations of architecture and engineering.

Take Learning to the Limit

Access an easy-to-use In-Person Visit Toolkit that helps educators and families plan a trip to Edge at Hudson Yards. Explore key background information and engage students in a fun pre-visit activity that will take your in-person experience to another level.

In-Person Tool Kit


Virtual Field Trip Educator Guide

All ages, elementary, middle, and high school

45 minutes

Unravel the fascinating history of Edge at Hudson Yards and get students thinking about larger-than-life structures and forces with three engaging activities.

educator guide

Elevate At-Home Learning

Investigate the dynamic potential of game-changing architectural and engineering innovations in your own home or neighborhood with hands-on activities designed for the whole family.

family activity