The Sky Is Not The Limit

Behind the Scenes at Edge

As the Director of Operations at Edge, Desiree Thurman is thoroughly immersed in the day-to-day operations of the business, using communication and critical thinking to support the needs of both visitors and team members. The Director of Operations solves real-world problems on the front lines of the guest experience by staying connected to her teammates and taking advantage of flexible STEM skills like math.

Classroom Conversation Starters

Middle & High School

  • How can you use interpersonal skills to overcome obstacles and reach your goals?
  • How comfortable are you with communication being a large part of every workday?
  • Can you analyze people and situations and apply critical thinking to solve problems?
  • Are you comfortable with using math throughout your workday?

About The Sky is Not the Limit

This Video Topic Series gives students an inside look at the diverse team working to create out-of-this-world experiences for guests at Edge in New York City. Go inside the exciting careers of team members at Edge and discover how innovative ideas are achieved through collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Be the Buzz in Your Community

Inspire others to think outside the box and be a part of the Edge experience with the Eyes on Edge community activation. Step into the shoes of an Edge team member and build buzz in your social network with an original 2-minute video.

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The Sky is not the limit
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