Big ideas come to life by diving into all the little details. The Engineering Design Process provides a simple framework that educators can share with students to help them build their ideas into real-world results. Use this tool to expand on Reach for the Sky resources and spark project-based learning investigations into modern marvels of architecture and engineering.

Identify the problem

What challenges or obstacles are top of mind in students' lives or in the world around them?
Encourage students to let their passions guide their investigation as they search for a real-world problem that impacts their lives or community.

brainstorm solutions

How can students rise to the occasion and create real change?
Inspire students to think like dreamers, builders, and doers who can use practical, proven problem-solving strategies to transcend any challenge

select a design

How can a single innovative approach open up new horizons for students and others?
Show students how they can combine research and creativity to find better ways of doing things, using STEM principles to bring their vision to life.

Brand a model or prototype

How can students apply cutting-edge innovation to their problem-solving goals?
Spark innovative thinking and help students bring their ideas to life using a model that is true to their original design and practical to create.

Test and evaluate

Can students build success by learning from failure?
Celebrate the adventure of experimentation as students test their prototypes to uncover any downsides in the design and possible new directions

Optimize the design

Does the final design break new ground?
Support students as they combine all the knowledge they've accumulated during research, design, and testing to put the finishing touches on their work.

Share the solution

Want to take your students’ engineering ideas to the next level?
See what positive changes students can bring about by putting their original ideas out into the world and engaging others in new possibilities.

See the future in the making

A series of real-world STEAM pros driving innovation at Hudson Yards will help students realize that nothing is out of reach when we work together and rise to the challenge.

Watch the virtual field trip