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Can you feel the excitement rising? 100 stories up, way above the bustling streets of New York City, people are converging on Edge at Hudson Yards, a mind-blowing engineering design marvel that allows visitors to walk out into the skyline and float above the city.

Watch the video of Haley Ward, VP of Sales at Edge, to learn how creativity and collaboration were used to build buzz for Edge, then step into the shoes of a marketing mastermind and create your own Eyes On Edge viral video! Learn how to make a splash with your marketing message and inspire others in your network.

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Here's How To Get Started

Step 1: IDEATE

Explore the out-of-this-world views of Edge, then consider ways you could get others excited about this one-of-a-kind experience using social media.

Step 2: CREATE

Turn your fresh perspective of Edge into an eye-catching social media post. Get creative with your post by creating a 2-minute video that brings Edge to life for others.

Step 3: SHARE

Use your voice to inspire others. Share your post about Edge on social media and discover the impact you can have in your network using the power of creative marketing.

Making a Video: Tips and Tricks

  • Keep it simple.
    Be sure to have a clear and concise message that guides the viewer through your video in a way that makes sense.
  • Make it pop.
    Strong imagery is the easiest way to draw people into your video. Create your own original content or use images from Edge's website.
  • Let your voice shine.
    Speak clearly and use the words that reflect your own unique perspective of Edge. A great message is the key to a successful video.
  • Work it on social.
    Consider the best platforms to connect with your desired audience. Tie it all together with a great caption, using keywords to boost visibility.

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